'They all say' drinking stout with an egg will make you strong, give you longevity and enhance your nocturnal performance... more
Wild believes all Christmas stories should have happy endings... more
Let good financial planning secure your future, not good luck... more
This is their SMU story. What will yours be like? more
The only way to deal with a hot topic is with a cool head and a good laugh… more
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What happens when you wed matrimony with the culinary? more
Are copywriters in this town as rare as empty MRT trains? more
Many clients, by virtue of their positions, are inundated with corporate gifts during the festive season. Wild decided to give them something different this year. more
Got your attention, didn’t it? We’re not serious, of course. But you’d better be a smart cookie nonetheless. more
Account Manager/Senior Account Manager for Bomb Disposal Assignments more
It’s official. Clients like us! Wild is Marketing Magazine’s Creative Agency Of The Year - Local Hero 2013! more
Few things go together as beautifully as the world’s most coveted car marque and exquisite private dining… more
This year’s Total Defence campaign gives a virtual new spin in rallying young and old to stand up for Singapore… more
We were born three years ago in a hundred-year-old shop house on the edge of Chinatown. Today, we’ve grown to become a family of 25... more
Clueless about personal investing? Fret not. The Business Times recently launched the personal investment website BTInvest.com… more
Why do SMU students stand out in a crowd?... more
The feature wall in WILD’s reception lounge turns the notion of wallpaper on its head… more
The interactive Credit Card Gallery designed by WILD at the FRANK by OCBC Store in VivoCity makes browsing card designs fun and cool… more
Singapore Press Holdings brought to life their multi-platform media offerings to advertisers and ad agencies in a sensational new way… more
Stuck in the frigid, grey bleakness of a northern clime? Banyan Tree is keen to have you experience their idea of winter blues… more
Skin Inc, the leader in customised skin care, now takes on a bold persona to empower women… more
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