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Should your brand be on TikTok?

Ready to get your audience “Tok”ing?

Just as you’re getting the hang of Instagram and Snapchat, the newest shiniest platform beckons. With 1 billion users globally, and 1.3 million in Singapore alone, the question is: Should my brand flock to TikTok?

Before you decide, catch some tips on the top TikTok traps to avoid!

With these in mind, here’s some questions your brand should consider before hopping on to this platform.

Is your audience even on TikTok? 

Yes, there may be 1.3 million Singaporean users, but if your brand is targeting a more mature crowd, your TikToks could be missing the mark, and it could be wiser to reach them on existing platforms like Facebook instead.

Previously, TikTok catered more to the Gen Z and Gen Y crowd. However, recently there has been a rising uptake in the older Gen Y and even Gen X demographic. Overall, while the demographic is shifting slowly, the primary audience is still mainly a younger audience. 

Are your competitors trending on TikTok?

Know of a brand in a similar industry that’s already on TikTok? There’s always something to learn from others. Do a quick search to see the traction of their videos, and whether they garner high engagement. This could give you a good gauge on how well your content would be received. 

You could also get a sense of what kind of content seems to engage them best, and consider if your brand would be able to deliver such content. A pro tip? Read what users are saying in the comments! 

Why so serious? Can your brand handle some humour? 

Every social platform has a different appetite for content, often tied to the format (eg. a 6 sec video on Vine vs a full 15 min on Youtube). While more serious and heavy content is best suited to Facebook, TikTok is all the way on the other end of the spectrum: it’s all about spreading joy, being authentic and relatable, and having fun!

If this does not align with your brand values, forcing yourself onto the platform may not be the best use of resources. Also, an advantage would be if your brand is able to showcase your product or service in a tangible and easily-digestible way! 

Can you put a face to your brand videos? 

Users want to see real people, so here’s a real chance for them to get up close and personal with your brand to build a genuine connection. It can be as simple as getting to see a day in the life of an employee, to having a network of influencers to introduce products or services to your audience. 

Are you quick on your feet to adapt with the platform? 

It’s easy to get complacent when you see one video going “viral”, but it’s important to remember that TikTok is a fast evolving platform. What is trending today could leave crickets chirping by tomorrow.

Thus, it’s key to have a ‘test and learn mindset’ to see what performs well for your brand, and to spend time surveying trends and challenges. With this knowledge, you should then be open to experimenting with different types of content/hashtags and make use of various platform features to stay on top of your game! Beyond that, your brand needs to consistently engage with users to build and grow your community. 

Are you thinking of TikTok as a one-off gimmick?

As each platform has slightly different demographics and purposes, cross-posting across channels is not going to be effective. Instead, consider the role TikTok plays in your larger digital ecosystem. Your content should be platform-centric, and based on how the audience behaves across each channel.

So. You’ve “Tik”ed all the right boxes, and you’re raring to jump right in. While that’s a great start, it takes a lot more to put together a successful integrated TikTok campaign that plays a strategic role in your larger digital mix. We’d love to help look at your brand more strategically and partner with you on your TikTok journey. Just drop us a line at info@wild.sg , and let’s chat!

Nana Adam
Associate Account Director

Joshua Conceicao