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Social Media Bites #35

Welcome back to our Weekly Social Media Bites! It's a brand new week and we have the latest snippets of what's happening in the social media sphere and adland below.


Tiktok Tests New Horizontal, Full-Width Display For Videos

TikTok continues to turn the tables on its competitors, who have been pushing to copy its key features, with its own copycat tools and options designed to maximize engagement in the app.TikTok’s latest experiment on this front is a YouTube-style horizontal full-screen display option, providing a whole new way to view TikTok clips.As you can see, some users are now seeing a new ‘Full Screen’ button displayed on screen in some clips, which prompts them to turn their device to the side to see the full-width display.

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YouTube Adds New Shorts Insights and Post Presentation Options

YouTube has announced a range of tweaks and updates in its final Creator Insider video of 2022, including a new Shorts metrics display, an expansion of creative posting tools, and a new live-streaming info site.First off, on Shorts metrics – YouTube’s making its Shorts remix report, currently only available in the mobile YouTube Studio app, accessible on desktop as well, providing another way to stay on top of your Shorts performance.The Shorts remix report highlights all of your Shorts clips that have been used to make other Shorts, and displays the number of times that your content has been remixed, along with remix views.

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TikTok Looks to Provide More Insight Into Why It Displays Each Video In Your ‘For You’ Feed

TikTok’s looking to provide more insight into why you’re seeing what you’re seeing in your feed with a new ‘Why Am I Seeing This?’ explainer tool that will provide some of the potential reasons that guide its algorithmic decisions.Meta provides similar for ads, with its ‘Why Am I Seeing This Ad?’ option, which will give you the same kind of generic insight into some of the possible reasons as to how you’re being targeted. Various social apps also provide notes like ‘Because you like [example page]’ when displaying recommended content in-stream, but it’s the first time that TikTok has provided more specific insight, in-app, as to how it’s algorithm functions.

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Tops Gives ‘Underrated’ Christmas Gifts Their Due In New Campaign For Thailand

The film, which launched this week, portrays the stressful act of overthinking the gifts we give during the holidays, from evaluating the person we are buying for and the thousands of gift categories available, to thinking about how the gifts we buy will reflect on us.Entitled ‘The Underrated Gift,’ the new film aims to change the perception that supermarket gifts are too ordinary and lacking in value to be gift-worthy, showing how even the most unassuming items found in your local Tops supermarket can spark joy this season.

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Coca-Cola Streams Christmas Anthology Film Series ‘Real Magic Presents’

“Christmas Always Finds Its Way” is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video in more than 100 countries and on YouTube in the Philippines, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia,It shares diverse stories of human connection and triumphs over adversity to show that the holidays always bring people together.

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Rhb’s ‘the Extra Mile’ Emphasizes Staying Committed To Going The Distance

RHB has launched a new campaign film to articulate the Bank’s new aspirations. Titled ‘The Extra Mile’, the two-minute spot was inspired by the true story of two RHB staff from Kuala Kangsar, who traveled 140km to Gerik during the pandemic to help a bedridden customer with the process of withdrawing his Employees Provident Fund for his medical expenses.“We knew right from the get-go that a commercial about RHB’s commitment in providing service excellence has to be based on a true story of our staff, because the RHB brand that Malaysians have come to know and love is not built by the numbers in our annual report or the products that we have, but by our people,” said Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, Group Chief Marketing Officer of RHB Group.

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