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Social Media Bites #67

Welcome back to our Weekly Social Media Bites! It's a brand new week and we have the latest snippets of what's happening in the social media sphere and adland below.


Instagram Updates Hashtag Search To Broaden Discovery

Instagram has made a change to the way that hashtags facilitate discovery in the app, with users now connected through to the broader search results related to a hashtag when they tap on it, as opposed to a “Top Posts” feed.

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YouTube Adds Members-Only Shorts To Drive Creator Subscriptions

YouTube has added another way to incentivize channel subscriptions with Members Only Shorts, enabling creators to share exclusive short-form content with their paying fans. Members Only Shorts will be displayed with a star icon on the thumbnail, indicating that they’re only viewable by paying subscribers. Channel members will be shown these Members-Only clips in both their Shorts and Subscription feeds. while they’ll also be accessible in the Membership tab.

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Instagram Tests Option To Comment on Specific Frames Within a Carousel Update

Instagram’s testing out a new way to comment on specific images within a carousel post, with some users able to link their reply to a photo or video, based on its assigned number in the display. Instagram’s testing the new carousel tagging option with a limited number of users at this stage.

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Bank of Small Wins – Britannia Good Day, Myntra, and Forgotten Money in Your Pocket

‘The Bank of Small Wins’ – a guerilla activation that’s entering pockets. Britannia Good Day printed their own currency* (worth ~ INR 15 lakhs), in denominations ranging from ₹10 to ₹2000, each adorned with designs inspired by the memorable packs of Britannia Good Day… and stuffed into lakhs of pockets across India. “We hope buying pants or giving them for laundry will never feel the same again. The Bank of Small Wins is a guerilla activation, a media innovation and a cross-brand collaboration… all rolled into one, and one of the freshest interpretations of Britannia Good Day’s brand platform of Everyday Small Wins,” said Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia.

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Cleanliness is an Expression of Love Says Dettol in New Campaign

Dettol has launched a new Ramadan campaign, “Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih” (An extra step, an expression of love), to embody the spirit of Ramadan, wherein acts of kindness and compassion intersect with the pursuit of spiritual purity. This campaign represents a strategic move to foster emotional connections, one hygiene habit at a time and will be amplified through television, point-of-sale displays, and social media platforms.

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Using Bad Luck to Highlight You’re Lucky With AAMI ‘When Australia Happens’

Australian insurance provider AAMI has unveiled a long-term brand platform to reinforce the message of why it’s Lucky you’re with AAMI. Marking a shift from its previous ‘AAMI Does’ platform which has been in market since 2020, the new platform embraces the quirks and challenges of Australia, reinvigorating AAMI’s long-standing tagline Lucky you’re with AAMI, according to a release. It launches with a campaign film this week using Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem ‘My Country’, juxtaposed with the very unlucky – and very Australian – scenarios that the lucky country sometimes faces.

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