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Weekly Social Media Bites #8

Welcome back to our Weekly Social Media Bites! It's a brand new week and we have the latest snippets of what's happening in the social media sphere and adland below.


How Brands Can Make Livestreaming Work

In 2020, users worldwide spent more than 480 billion hours watching live streaming content on mobile apps as the pandemic limited shopping in person due to lockdowns all around the globe. Behind every successful live streaming session is a lot of prep work. You’ll need to think through the purpose of the livestream and whether it offers clear value for your consumers, read on to find out more on how you can start utilizing live streams!

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Meta Announces New Business Messaging Tools, Including Improved WhatsApp Ad Creation

Meta has announced some new options to help brands utilize its messaging tools, including improved ad creation on WhatsApp, the merging of WhatApp messages into the Meta Business Suite inbox and quote requests on Instagram. First off, on WhatsApp - improving the WhatsApp ad creation flow, businesses will soon be able to create and launch their campaigns in the WhatsApp Business App, instead of having to switch apps to complete them.

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LinkedIn Provides New Insights Into Key Trends By Region [Infographic]

LinkedIn has launched a new resource to help marketers branch into international markets, providing a range of insights into key trends and shifts to be aware of as you assess your foreign opportunities.LinkedIn’s new international marketing resource features a range of region-specific insights, with initial data overviews for the US, UK, Germany, South East Asia and Australia. The insights include local audience reach on LinkedIn, fastest-growing verticals, best-performing ad formats, and more.

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Campaign Encourages Women to Add Maternity Leave to Their Resumes – And for Companies to Reward that Experience

A nicely-done Mother’s Day campaign for Tanishq that not only encourages mothers to return to work but also to claim their maternity leaves as valuable work experience. On a deeper level, the campaign looks to address structural and systemic barriers that can prevent women from reaching senior leadership roles, due to what the campaign refers to as the ‘maternity wage penalty’ which refers to how second-career women face hiring and compensation disadvantages when re-joining the work-force.

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Burger King Fires Up Ooh And Print Campaign Using Failed Survey

Burger King has served up a new campaign for its Whopper based on physical surveys done in London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Stockholm. The study conducted last month found that only 3% of participants are able to name burgers on Burger King's menu. The campaign film also showed Burger King asking consumers to name just three burgers on their menu in exchange for US$10,000. But again, most failed to name any other than the Whopper.

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Campaign Empowers Nameless Women of Bangladesh – One Name at a Time

In parts of Bangladesh, women face a unique problem, says a new campaign called “The Nameless Woman Project”. According to the campaign, for some women, as their lives go by they lose something that is dear to them. Their name. They are instead simply known as somebody’s mother, wife, or sister, but rarely are they referred to by their own name. The Nameless Women Project conceived by Wunderman Thompson, India, in collaboration with Warah, a premium fashion label in Bangladesh, aims to help women regain their sense of self, through a nationwide activation.

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