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Social Media Bites #70

Welcome back to our Weekly Social Media Bites! It's a brand new week and we have the latest snippets of what's happening in the social media sphere and adland below.


Social Media Marketers Need to Focus More on Entertainment

The biggest shift in social media marketing over the past five years has been the move away from interaction and towards straight entertainment. The content that’s most likely to spark response is that which drives high emotional resonance. Joy, fear and anger are the key emotions that prompt response, and unsurprisingly, the algorithmic shift led to these becoming the main drivers of online activity.

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Meta Adds Enhanced AI Creation Tools for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Meta’s adding more generative AI tools for advertisers, including enhanced text and image generation, creative expansion, text overlays, a centralised collection of AI tools within Ads Manager, and more. Another key advantage is that these tools are trained on the best performing ads in Meta’s system, so the suggestions and notes align with what’s actually generating clicks, and driving engagement in its apps.

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Instagram Adds Four Interactive Sticker Options

Instagram’s added four new interactive stickers, which it’s hoping will encourage more engagement and interaction in-stream. Which is important, because over time, more and more sharing activity is switching to private DMs, which is why Instagram’s looking to provide more options, and lean into content trends, in order to maintain in-stream interactivity.

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‘AI Do’ – Connecting Families in Cross Border Wedding Film from Samsung & Singtel

Samsung and Singtel have released a film, titled “AI Do,” highlighting the power of technology to bring people together. The 3.5-minute film features Hee Joo and Aidan, from Korea and from Singapore, who are getting married. Together with their families, they tackle a long list of wedding tasks along with language and cultural differences in the lead-up to their wedding.To overcome the challenges, they use AI features available on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, supported by Singtel’s 5G connectivity.

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Save the Children Hong Kong Surrounds Viewers With ‘The Sound of Violence’ in New Campaign

Save the Children Hong Kong’s new campaign - The Sound of Violence - features an immersive short film using the latest Dolby Atmos 7.1 Surround Sound technology that was played before screenings of Hong Kong director and screenwriter Nick Cheuk’s directorial debut, Time Still Turns the Pages.To illustrate the reality that violence surrounds us and to urge people to report suspected cases, the team worked with Dolby Surround Sound technicians, replicating the sounds of violence and surprising cinema-goers before every screening of Cheuk’s award-winning film about a young boy’s struggle with family trauma, abuse and the weight of suicidal thoughts.

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Shin Ramyun Launches New Campaign in Nepal

Shin Ramyun, the popular spicy noodle brand from South Korea’s Nongshim, has launched a new campaign in Nepal which has developed a concept that highlights the experiential side of the brand to attract a broader audience. The campaign features a vlog-style video where a group of friends explores Nepal’s stunning mountains, with Shin Ramyun adding flavour to their adventure. This narrative not only highlights the product’s quality but also connects emotionally with viewers, inspiring them to seek their own adventures with Shin Ramyun.

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