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Social Media Bites #74

Welcome back to our Weekly Social Media Bites! It's a brand new week and we have the latest snippets of what's happening in the social media sphere and adland below.


Instagram Chief Reiterates That Sends Are Now a Key Focus

Instagram’s new algorithmic emphasises on sends. IG chief Adam Mosseri has once again reiterated that creators should be focusing on how to make their content more shareworthy in his latest advice clip. As outlined by Mosseri, with more people now engaging within DMs in the app than they are with feed posts, Instagram is now actively seeking to amplify content that prompts more sharing behavior i.e. posts that inspire more users to tap on the “Send” icon and forward it to their friends. As per Mosseri: “Don’t force it as a creator, but if you can, when you’re making content, think about making content that people would want to send to a friend, to someone that they care about, and it will help your reach over time.” Instagram’s also looking to underline this with its new sends display counts in the app, which have been rolling out to more users recently.

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TikTok Shares Updated Trend Insights for Marketers

TikTok has shared some new insights into key trends in the app, as an addendum to its “What’s Next 2024” report. TikTok published its What’s Next trend prediction report in December last year, which outlined the key engagement shifts it was seeing in the app. And now, it’s published a new "What's Next: In Action" update, which aims to provide more insight into how its trend predictions have evolved throughout the year, and what marketers should be aware of heading into the second half of 2024.

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Meta Is Testing Automated Creative Variations for Reels

Facebook is currently testing a new, automated process that will help you optimize the performance of Reels posted by a business page, by experimenting with different variations of the content, without you doing a thing. It’s the latest update to Meta’s evolving automated creation options, with the platform also experimenting with auto-generated templates for Reels promotions, which help to optimize your creative into the best-performing Reels formats.

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Singlife Launches New Brand Campaign Film ‘The Dream – Eco Home’

Financial services company Singlife has launched its latest 360 “Dream” campaign, that emphasizes its role in helping Singaporeans achieve financial freedom. It includes a brand film, the third starring Singlife brand ambassador Pierre Png, which builds on the story of its 2023 campaign, “The Dream”. The 2024 Dream campaign continues to play on the local expression “Caaaaan!” to encourage consumers to dream big, and plan so they can achieve their goals in life, no matter how big or small. Kicking off the campaign is a new film titled “The Dream: Eco Home”. Inspired by Singaporeans’ responses in Singlife’s 2023 Financial Freedom Index (FFI), the commercial taps into the insight, that many Singaporeans see the ability to give back to society as one key indicator of financial freedom.

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Anytime Fitness Asia wants to make working out fun by weaving it into daily life 

Gym franchise Anytime Fitness has launched a new campaign, titled "Real Life Never Stops. Anytime Starts Now", designed to inspire individuals to prioritise their health, no matter how busy life gets. The campaign video features individuals from different walks of life exercising in different contexts and for different goals. These include youths, newlyweds, and parents, with physical exercise seamlessly being integrating into their daily routines. It aims to underscore the critical importance of fitness in our everyday lives, advocating that health and wellness are essential needs, not mere wants.

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Samsung says ‘Show Them How it’s Done’ in New Campaign

There is a new campaign for Samsung’s ‘Back to Campus’ Offer, to inspire students as they prepare to return to school after the summer holidays. The campaign, named ‘Show Them How It’s Done’, spotlights the versatility of the Samsung Galaxy device ecosystem. At the heart of this campaign is the brand film that follows the journey of three students – a podcaster, a DJ, and a designer. “Today’s youngsters have an unquenchable thirst to learn more, do more and be more. In their stride to pursue their passion, these go-getters need the technology which helps them unleash creativity, enhance productivity, and express themselves fully. With Samsung’s new ‘Back to Campus’ campaign, we are democratizing the connected power of Samsung Galaxy ecosystem for students across India. As the new generation of ambitious students work towards their dreams, Samsung equips them to keep pushing boundaries and show the world how it’s done,” said Aditya Babbar, Vice President, MX Business, Samsung India.

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