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Adulting is no child’s play

is no
child’s play
Client : CPF Board  /  Type : Social, Strategy, Campaign,

A composite of an elderly doll couple on a jenga tower for CPF Board’s social media campaign on retirement planning

The Challenge

Convincing young adults it’s never too early to plan their future

Adulting — a word that could send chills down a Millennial’s spine. 

Upon entering the workforce, most young Singaporeans are thrust into adulthood after years of a relatively carefree life. Instead of facing their challenges head-on, the instinctive response is to avoid their new responsibilities and embrace living in the moment instead.

How could we get a group of people who increasingly dream of early retirement, to realise that their youth is their most valuable asset in retirement planning?


#ICanAdult: Conquering adulthood one baby step at a time

Capturing the attention of millennials who didn’t want to grow up, we launched #ICanAdult — a campaign that featured childhood toys from the 80s and 90s to illustrate grown-up concepts of budgeting and future planning. 

Taking a visual-led approach, we deployed four short videos that mirrored real-life financial challenges young adults face. 

By emotionally connecting with our audience through nostalgia and relatable narratives, we found a way in to provide practical financial tips and CPF-related content on how they could ace this thing called “adulting”.


The campaign was a hit. Instagram follower count and engagement rates shot to a record high, driving conversations around future financial planning amongst young adults. It also made Finalist at the 10th Annual Shorty Awards.

Finalist — Shorty Awards (2018)
for Multi-Platform Campaign, Branded Content


growth in Instagram followers

2.6+ mil

15+ mil