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Going official with our love for avocado

Going official
with our love
for avocado
Client : Subway  /  Type : Integrated campaign, Social,

A Subway sandwich and an avocado form a heart under the text, “Perfect together”, for an integrated campaign

The Brief

Avocado — the new Subway star

When avocado was first introduced as an add-on ingredient in Subway, millennials across Singapore had a meltdown. Following this popularity, Subway then launched three new signature subs featuring avocado.

Our task: to put these subs on the radar of every avocado-loving millennial and lead them to their nearest Subway.


Avo + Sub = Love at first bite

We tapped on millennials’ existing relationship with avocado and all the positive associations of the fruit to connect with our target audience and win consumer love for Subway’s new avocado subs.

Our concept framed the combination of avocado and subs as a marriage of great taste and health benefits, and parallels it with the universal experience of love.

We consistently told this love story through all communications, from the key visual to social media.

A seamless grid on Subway’s Instagram page, formed by  visually striking visuals of sandwiches and fresh ingredients

Knowing that our target audience practically lives on Instagram, we launched Subway’s Instagram account in style. 

A grid of striking and vibrant visuals featuring the new avocado subs proclaim: It’s love at first bite.


The campaign videos gained over 160,000 views on YouTube. On social, we exceeded targets and gained new Instagram followers. As a result, sales increased significantly with higher demand for avocado subs that year.