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Not letting cancer rob us of the good times

Not letting cancer
rob us of
the good times
Client : IHH Healthcare  /  Type : Branding, Integrated Marketing, Brand Strategy, Brand Engagement,


Urging busy Singaporeans to screen for cancer at an IHH hospital

Life can be a whirlwind for the average Singaporean in their 30s and 40s, juggling work and family obligations. Amidst this hectic lifestyle, taking care of our health, including going for cancer screenings, often takes a backseat.

But with 1 in 4 Singaporeans developing cancer in their lifetime, skipping cancer screenings is a risk we can’t afford. How do we inspire individuals to break free from the inertia and carve out time from their busy schedules to book a cancer screening with IHH?


Let the good times roll by making sure cancer is out of the picture

We hustle hard to give our loved ones the best that life has to offer. But these things lose their meaning when our health is compromised.

Our campaign encourages and inspires our target audience to cherish the precious moments they’ve shared with their loved ones and to ensure that cancer doesn’t intrude upon their happiness. By investing just a minute to book a cancer screening at an IHH hospital, we can catch cancer in its early stages, effectively treating it and leaving more room for joyous times.

Make The Good Times Last