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Seeing the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’

Seeing the
in ‘disability’
Client : NCSS  /  Type : Integrated campaign,

NCSS’ campaign headline in logo form reads “Look Beyond My Disability, See the True Me”

The Issue

PWDs: “Don’t feel sorry for us.”

6 in 10 persons with disabilities (PWDs) find it challenging to be included and contribute to society.

Our studies revealed one clear insight: Singaporeans don’t know how to act around them. They tend to walk on eggshells around PWDs, or feel sorry for them.

So how do we shift mindsets to look beyond a person’s disabilities and see them for who they are?


Look beyond my disability, see the true me

To break the social stigma around PWDs, we needed to make a point.

So we set up a social experiment.

We asked 12 participants from all walks of life to tell us how they view people who are different. Then we got them to meet our campaign ambassadors — four PWDs.

Participants quickly realised that the PWDs are just like them in many ways — people with dreams and ambitions, pursuing equally important goals in life. 

This kicked off our campaign, which focused on the PWDs’ aspirations and skills instead of disabilities.

We launched with a series of creative media buy, where we invited people to step forward and interact with PWDs, encouraged them to (literally) remove labels, and celebrated the PWDs’ abilities.


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